Our Culture

We believe in an open, honest and engaging leadership approach at all levels, that builds accountability, trust and respect for all. We focus on equitable fair business practices and developing people through focused training.

At the core is our belief that accountability is a pro-active approach that ensures that our entire team is aware of our goals, is properly equipped to achieve their respective responsibilities that contribute to the goals and is recognized and rewarded for their contribution. We empower our team members to accept ownership for the opportunities they experience in order to engage themselves and pursue the question ‘What else can I do?' to rise above the circumstances and do what it takes to achieve the desired results.

Our Guest Experience is positively impacted in the way ChrisBro Hospitality inspires its Team Members. Fully engaged associates want and need to know what is expected, appreciate feedback and value empowerment. To make this a reality, ChrisBro is committed to associate training and development at all levels.